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Discover the undocumented and private API secrets of making a music app for iOS.
 Aug 12, 2019
The Instagram stories animation is quite unique, but actually not that difficult to achieve. Here, we'll use Core Animation and subclass a UIScrollView to get the desired cube effect as we page through our scroll view.
 Aug 16, 2018
In this iOS tutorial, I go over how to add a circular loading animation for photos in a UITableView cell, such as can be seen on Instagram.
 Aug 10, 2018
Here, I go over how to add authentication to a web app using sessions. We'll use a simple custom middleware to apply to our routes that we wish to protect, and add logout at the end as well.
 Jul 1, 2018
In this tutorial, I go over how to deploy your Vapor app to heroku, as well as go over the necessary database configuration needed before deploying. Be sure to double check your Procfile as well!
 Jun 16, 2018
Any web application will need to have its database modified at some point. Here, I go over how to add and remove columns from a database using Vapor's ORM, Fluent.
 Jun 12, 2018
In this tutorial we'll go over how to add and configure a local Postgres db for your Vapor app, as well as use the Postgres CLI to view the newly created database.
 Jun 9, 2018
Leaf is the template engine for Vapor. In this tutorial, we'll go over how to import it into our project, configure it as our view renderer, and how to print out our application's data into a Leaf file.
 Jun 2, 2018
Futures are a game changer in Vapor 3, elevating Vapor to being one of the fastest web frameworks available. Learn about why we're using them, how to return them in route handlers, as well as how to better structure our code to work with them in this in-depth article.
 May 20, 2018
Continuing our series on Authentication, Token Authentication is the most well known and commonly used authentication method for API clients. And it's (seriously!) never been easier. You'll need to have read over the Username and Password tutorial already, as this tutorial builds off that.
 May 12, 2018
Username and Password Authentication is very similar to HTTP Auth, except in this case we manually authenticate the user ourselves--we don't use any built in middleware to take care of it for us.
 May 12, 2018
Parent-Child relations are one of the basic building blocks for building any web application, and are useful for when one of your model owns multiple objects in another model. In this tutorial, we'll model a forum website: A user object has many posts, but each post belongs to only 1 user.
 May 9, 2018
This tutorial shows to authenticate users with an email/username and password via HTTP Basic Authentication, while using the BasicAuthenticatable protocol provided by Vapor. We'll also discuss how to omit passing back a specific property to one one of our models, such as a password.
 May 6, 2018
Routing is at the heart of any web framework. This tutorial doesn't include futures, but rather focuses on the mechanics of how to write correct route signatures, so we can access the data we need.
 May 5, 2018
Get up and running with Vapor 3! Install Vapor, the Vapor toolbox, and create your first Hello World application.
 May 5, 2018
A quick intro for how to perform simple filter, sort, and group queries on a database using Vapor's ORM, Fluent.
 Mar 19, 2018
A quick tutorial for deploying a Vapor 2 app to Vapor Cloud 1.0
 Nov 6, 2017
A quick intro to templating with Leaf
 Nov 5, 2017
Not a fan of Leaf? React may be a good alternative for the front end of your web app. In this tutorial, we'll go over how to connect a React project to your Vapor project.
 Oct 9, 2017
A guide on querying a database using Fluent for Vapor 2. Includes filter, sort, and groups.
 Oct 1, 2017
An overview for creating your own middleware class, and then adding to protect your routes.
 Sep 18, 2017
A quick introduction to basic routing with Vapor 2 [now deprecated]
 Sep 14, 2017
Creating a one time, non-recurring payment with Stripe Checkout, Leaf, and Vapor
 Sep 12, 2017
Lastly, we'll go over how to decode a JWT to get the data from the payload that you may need.
 Sep 7, 2017
In the third installment, we'll add some custom middleware to protect our routes
 Sep 7, 2017
In part 2 of the JWT series, we'll go over how to verify and sign tokens, so we can be sure they weren't tampered with prior to use.
 Sep 6, 2017
This is the first of a 4 part series no JSON Web Tokens. In this article, we'll go over how to create them.
 Sep 6, 2017
A quick guide to pushing a Vapor 2 app to heroku
 Sep 4, 2017
Basic Authentication is often the first step of auth for many API clients. Lear how to implement it with this tutorial.
 Sep 4, 2017
A beginning to end tutorial on creating subling relationships in Vapor 2.
 Aug 27, 2017
Vapor comes only with an in-memory database. In order to persist data across server restarts, you'll need to use a database driver. In this tutorial, we'll setup Postgres.
 Aug 27, 2017
Welcome to Vaporforums! In the first tutorial, we'll show how to create parent-child relations in Vapor 2.
 Aug 26, 2017